Christianity is the most widely believe religion in the world. Believers called Christians. Advocates of Christianity follow the training of Jesus Christ.

For its supremacy, this religion has done many tortures and today it is one of the most regarded religions of the world. There are many communities among Christians such as Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Moroni etc.

The originator of ‘Christianity’ was Jesus Christ, born 6 BC in a place called Nazareth of the Galilee province of the Roman Empire. Happened in. Those born in 6 BC in the place of Nazareth of Galilee province of the Roman Empire. Happened in. His father Joseph was a carpenter and mother was Mary. They were both Jews.

According to Christian scriptures, Mary dedicated to the temple by her parents as servant. According to Christian beliefs, I was a virgin at the time of Christ’s arrival in Mary’s womb. That is why Mary consider a Christian godly Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ as a divine divine man.

At the time of the birth of Christ, the Jewish people were under the Roman Empire and were anxious for salvation from it. On the same time a saint named John the Baptist predicted in the Jordan Valley that God would soon send a Messiah for the salvation of the Jews.

At that time the age of Jesus  not much, but after many years of solitude, he was infused with some special powers and by his touch, the blind began to see the blind, the speechless and the dead got life. As a result, Jesus began to gain fame all around. He preached love and service to the afflicted.




Due to his arrival in Jerusalem and the increasing popularity, the aristocratic priest and ruling class became suspicious and tried to trap him on false accusations.

The synagogue of the Jews accused him of claiming himself to be the son of God and the Messiah, and was eventually sentenced to death by hanging on the cross.

But even on the cross, he prayed to God for the conspirators against him to forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing.

Christians believe that Christ rose again on the third day of death. The disciples of Jesus Christ first propagated the path he taught, ie Christianity in Palestine, from where it spread to Rome and then all of Europe.

Currently it is the world’s most followed religion. Christians consider God as ‘Father’ and Christ as ‘God Son’. God, God the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit — these three Christians are considered trinity.




The most successful of the first missionaries was Saint Paul; A description of his travels and his letters are preserved in the latter part of the Bible. At that time, Antioch was the third city of the Roman Empire, Saint Peter’s successor came here.

From that center, Saint Paul preached Christianity in Asia Minor, Macedonia and Greece. Later the capital Rome became the principal center of Christianity. At the same time, Saint Peter (67 AD) and Saint Paul were martyred. The latter half of the Bible was written in the late first century AD.

By 100 CE, Christian communities existed in all the adjacent countries and cities of the Mediterranean Sea, especially in Asia Minor and North Africa. By the end of the third century Christianity had spread to all the cities of the vast Roman Empire.

At the same time many people in Persia and South Russia also became Christians. There are many reasons for this success. One, there was strong religion among the people at that time, secondly Christianity taught the importance of every human being, whether he was a slave or a woman.

After the Second World War, the movement for unity of the Church in the Christian world began to be given more importance.

As a result, in an effort to determine the true form of the church based on the elements existing in the Bible, excluding rebuttal, the emphasis is on the fact that the church is the spiritual body of Jesus. Jesus is its head and true Christians are part of that body.




The Holy Book of Christianity is the Bible, which has two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. Christians believe that the Bible composed 2000–2500 years ago by various individuals.

Actually, this book compilation of 73 series of articles written between the 9th century and the 1st century AD, of which 46 are compiled in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament.

While the Old Testament describes the history and beliefs of the Jews, the New Testament details the teachings and life of Jesus Christ.




The word church is a corruption of the Greek adjective which literally means “of the Lord”. In fact, the church (and also the church) used in two ways; One is the building of the Lord that is the Church and the other is the organization of Christians. In addition to the church, the word ‘church’ also operates

It is a distorted form of the word ‘Ecclesia’ in the Greek Bible; In the Bible it means – a local or community of Christians around the world. Later this word also start being use for the church.




Roman Catholic Church – Also called ‘Apostolic Church’. This sect believes that the Vatican-based pope is the spiritual heir of Jesus Christ and as such he is the bishop of Christianity.

Therefore, his decision regarding religion, ethics and culture is consider final. The Pope elected by secret vote in the Vatican’s Sistine Church by the superior priests of this sect.

Protestant – by the 15–16th century, the power of the pope had increased indescribably and its interference in all matters religious, political, social.

This same power of the Pope challenged in the 14th century by John Baikliffe and then by Martin Luther (in Germany), which led to the birth of a new reformist Christian denomination — Protestants, who hold a more liberal view.




The founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ, who was born in Bethlehem. The number of Christians in India is around 27.7 million.

What Jesus did between the ages of 13 and 29 years is a mystery. Nothing mentioned in the Bible about his years. Some researchers believe that Jesus lived in India from 13 to 29 years of age and then from 33 to 112 years of age.

During this time, he believed to have meditated in the monasteries of Buddhist and Nath sect in the Indian state of Kashmir. It is believe that here in a narrow lane of Khanyar, an old area of ​​Srinagar city of Kashmir, a tomb built in a stone building called ‘Rauzabal’ where his body kept.




Christianity in India believed to have originated in the coastal city of Kranganore in Kerala where, according to legends, St. Thomas, one of the twelve major disciples of Christ, arrived in 52 CE.

He first Christianized some Brahmins in that period. He then converted the tribals. The Syrian Christian Church in South India signals the arrival of St. Thomas.




After this, Roman Catholicism established in India with the arrival of St. Francis Xavier in 1542, who went to the poor Hindu and tribal areas of India and started Christianity by educating people. Some people have been accusing him of converting innocent people to Christianity under the guise of service.




It widely publicized that after India’s independence, ‘Mother Teresa’ Christianized poor people largely under the guise of service. In this regard, Osho Rajneesh said that he exploited the sufferings of people and made them Christians.

Mother Teresa wants more poor people. So that he can convert them to Catholicism. This is pure politics. All religions are exploiting.

Mother Teresa’s real name was Agnes Gonzha Boyajiju. Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje (now in Macedonia) to an Albanian family. His father Nikola Boyaju was an ordinary businessman.

Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic nun. Mother Teresa opened ashrams in India under the names ‘Nirmal Hriday’ and ‘Nirmala Shishu Bhavan’ where she kept orphans and the poor. In 1946, he dedicated his life to the poor, helpless, sick and helpless.

In 1948, she volunteered to take Indian citizenship and became widely engaged in the service of Christianity.

On 7 October 1950, he received permission from the Vatican to establish a ‘Missionaries of Charity’. The purpose of this organization was to help the poor and sick poor people from the society. Mother Teresa honored with various awards and honors for her services.

He first had a heart attack in 1983 while meeting pop John Paul II. He suffered a second heart attack in 1989 and implanted with an artificial pacemaker.

In 1991, he had pneumonia and heart problems in Mexico. On 13 March 1997, he stepped down as the head of the Missionaries of Charity and died on 5 September 1997.




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